What are funny names for a cat? A Perfectly Funny Cat Name That’ll Make You Smile

What are funny names for a cat? Naming a new cat is one of the most exciting moments for a cat lover. If I were to ask you what your cat’s name is, I’m sure you would roll your eyes and think it’s not that important, but seriously, a cat owner would tell you that your cat’s name is a reflection of its spirit, your affection, and so much more.

Your cat’s name is a reflection of its spirit, your affection, and so much more. But why be boring when you can choose a name that amuses you every single time you call it out.

In this post, we offer you a list of absurd cat names that will hopefully provide you with some sense of relief. We have a vast collection of names, ranging from smart wordplay to sweet puns, perfect for every cat friend.

We offer a comprehensive guide for individuals who are new to cat ownership or seeking a name for their mischievous feline.

Choosing a cat’s name is an art

Selecting the best name for your cat takes a bit more deliberation than you might assume at first. Before deciding on a name for your dog, it’s crucial to ensure that it fits perfectly from the start, taking into account several crucial factors.

Personality Matters

When choosing a name, your cat’s personality should be one of the most important factors to consider. Is your cat playful and energetic, or laid-back and relaxed. In the first instance, “Whisker Doodle” could be ideal for an energetic little guy, while “Napoleon” might fit a more kingly feline.

Appearance Counts

It often has a name that perfectly captures the essence of how a cat appears to you. A distinctive piece of body paint, a different color iris, a longer tail, or a unique birth mark on the skin can often inspire creativity.

An all-black cat with bright green eyes could be named Enigma, or a super-soft, fluffy white cat could be named Snowball.

Unique Traits

Think about any odd little habits or traits your cat has. Do they chase their tails in a strange way, or do they sleep in the oddest places. Such quirks can earn them the perfect nicknames, such as “Twinkle Toes” or “Snooze Master.”

List of Funny Cat Names

With that out of the way, onto the fun stuff: picking a name for your new cat. Funny Cat Names Gender-Neutral Cat Names Funny etymology-based cat names for females.

Unsupported etymology-based cat names for males. Finally, I organized the names by gender for y’all. Below each name is a short description to help you select the perfect name for your cat.

Gender Neutral Funny Cat Names

Gender Neutral Funny Cat Names
Gender Neutral Funny Cat Names
  1. Whisker Doodle: For a kitty with bushy whiskers and an extra waddle.
  2. Mr. Fuzzy Pants is an excellent choice for a cat with long hair.
  3. Purrlock Holmes: Great for a Snoopy Cat.
  4. Chairman Meow, for the cat that owns your soul.
  5. Catastrophe: the awkward feline who creates (cute) havoc.
  6. Meowise: This is a really thoughtful name for a cat with a thoughtful demeanor.
  7. Purrito is ideal for a cat who loves to snuggle up in blankets.
  8. Scratchy is a good name for the person who can scratch everything like a cat.
  9. Sushi: This is a sweet name for an elegant and graceful cat.
  10. Whisker Biscuit: Perfect for a cat with a mix of whisker and biscuit-like roundness.
  11. Snugglemuffin is a charming one for a cuddly cat.
  12. Mittens: Mostly likely a classic name, but truly the best for a household cat carrying a pair of white paws anywhere she goes.
  13. Fluffernutter: Great for a cat who is so fluffy you could suffocate.
  14. Paws are fundamental and cute, even for a cat.
  15. Taco Cat: This amusing name is a palindrome that is sure to bring a smile to your cat’s face.
  16. Furball is the name for a rich cat with a shedding problem or who is prone to hairballs.
  17. Houdini to be the magician in your home.
  18. Pickles: a unique and endearing name for any cat (or snack).
  19. Jellybean is a wonderful name for a petite, colorful kitty.
  20. Purrsnickety is perfect for the kitty who is a bit finicky about things.

Funny male cat names

Funny male cat names
Funny male cat names
  1. Sir Pounce-a-lot is a unique and imaginative name for a cat who only jumps on objects.
  2. Clawdius is the perfect name for a cat with claws.
  3. Baron Von Furrypaws gives your cat a dash of class.
  4. Elvis Purrsley is an ideal name for a cat that feels like a rockstar.
  5. Tom Cruise: This is for the cat, who has some serious work to do.
  6. Fuzz Aldrin: This is another excellent astronomic name for the ultimate adventuring cat.
  7. Meowstro: For a noisy cat, Meowstro is the perfect purring space.
  8. Major Tomcat: Makes for a commanding and strong feline presence.
  9. Catzilla: For the Cat-Wannabe Overlord.
  10. Sir Meowsalot: Ideal for that chatty to-thee cat.
  11. Kitty Poppins: The practically perfect cat.
  12. Mr. Meowgi: This is a parody of the wise mentor from “The Karate Kid,” named Mr. Meowgi.
  13. Tigger is a fun, bouncy name that suits a playful cat.
  14. Garfield is a famous name for a relaxed, lasagna-munching cat.
  15. Prince Hairy is a cat with a magnificent mane.
  16. Purrs: for the cat who rules over his domain with authority.
  17. Mittens McClaw: amethinks mischiefed cuteness.
  18. Whiskerclaws are for the scrappy, playful, and hardened cat.
  19. Your cat, Duke Hairball, is constantly spitting up furballs.

Funny female cat names

Funny female cat names
Funny female cat names
  1. Clawdia, an homage to the classic, isn’t quite prepared for a resurgence yet. Claudia.
  2. Lady Whiskerface: A cat with prominent whiskers and a charming personality.
  3. Miss Furrball would be an excellent choice for a fluffy cat with a playful attitude.
  4. Princess Paws: Ideal for a pampered pussycat that knows she is Queen.
  5. Miss Kitty Gaga: A tribute to the cat with a captivating personality.
  6. Madame Fluffington is an elegant, fluffy name for your fancy feline.
  7. Purrscilla: A playful mix of Purr and Priscilla.
  8. Meowly Cyrus, a pop star gone wild, inspired me.
  9. Opurrah Winfrey is known as the unconquerable media cat who always commands attention.
  10. With such long, flowing whiskers, Whiskerina is an elegant name for a cat.
  11. McFuzz Mittens are an excellent choice for a cat with soft, fuzzy paws.
  12. Whiskerbell: For your fairy-tale feline.
  13. Purrincess: Pur (like purring) + princess.
  14. The Meow Lady: For that socialite cat with an air of sophistication about her.
  15. Queen Furrball—this name is ideal for the queens who rule our homes.
  16. Sophie Purrkins is adorable and spunky, making her a wonderful kitty.
  17. Fuzz Lightyear, a playful cat.
  18. Catrina: I appreciate the captivating interpretation of the name Katrina.
  19. Mewlymatilda is such a quirky and adorable name for any cat.

Funny Cat Names from Pop Culture

Funny Cat Names from Pop Culture
Funny Cat Names from Pop Culture
  1. For an adventurous and bold feline, look to The Hunger Games lead, Catnip Everdeen.
  2. Furiosa is a resilient and sturdy name that derives from the name of the “Mad Max: Fury Road” character.
  3. The independent, fearless cat-paw solo puts a clever spin on Han Solo.
  4. The term “Clawdiator” perfectly describes the fearless feline from the Gladiator movie.
  5. The Harry Potter name, for instance, draws inspiration from the wizard Harry Potter.
  6. Furrever Alone: A lighthearted take on a lone cat meme that plays on the popular internet meme.
  7. We simply love The Great Gatsby—a nod to “The Great Gatsby“—for an elegant and refined kitty.
  8. Leonardo DiCatprio drew inspiration from a celebrity cat with a captivating charm.
  9. Niccol Machiavelli, the political philosopher, inspired the name Meowchiavelli for the strategic and cunning cat.
  10. Cat Sajak is a play on the game show host, Pat Sajak, but it’s ideal for a cat with a playful side, intelligence, or charisma.
  11. Sir Percival is a knight from the Arthurian legends, so Sir Percival is apt.
  12. Luke Skywhisker is a name that embodies the qualities of a hero from the original Star Wars trilogy.
  13. Fuzz Lightyear, inspired by Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story,” refers to the cat who appears to be ready to launch into space.
  14. Ron Fleasley, yet another name from “Harry Potter,” is a wonderful name for your hairy and good-natured buddy.
  15. Purrlock Holmes, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, belongs in any detective cat’s paw.
  16. Chewbacca This fluffy cat was named after the beloved Wookiee from “Star Wars,” who was undoubtedly his namesake.
  17. MEOWRY POPPINS, named after Mary Poppins, brings us our practically perfect kitty.
  18. If you have a brave and loyal cat, Jon Meow might be the perfect name for him—homage to the Game of Thrones character Jon Snow.
  19. Lobster is based on the character “Awesome” from various pop culture references.

Musically funny cat names

Musical funny cat names
Musical funny cat names
  1. Rum Tum Tugger is mischievous and catches everyone’s attention.
  2. Mr. Mistoffelees is the name associated with the magical and mysterious cat’s records.
  3. Macavity This is the perfect name for a cat that is mysterious and masterful at remaining unseen.
  4. Grizabella: The wise old cat with just a hint of glam.
  5. The name Mungojerrie fits a playful and even trouble-making cat perfectly.
  6. Jenny’s Jellicle Cats seem slow and lazy, but it’s just a cover for all the special things you do behind the scenes.
  7. Previous testament: best for the sensible house elder.
  8. Bustopher Jones, I dedicate this to Bustopher Jones, the cat about town.
  9. The energetic and busy feline will enjoy Skimbleshanks.
  10. Jemima is a gentle name for a gentle cat.
  11. Bombalurina: Ideal for the sassy, flirty kitty.
  12. Demeter: The Mother Cat of Nurturing and Protection.
  13. For a graceful kitty, consider the elegant and simple name Victoria.
  14. Physical description: Tumblebrutus is an agile, acrobatic cat.
  15. Plato: For the Pensive Feline.
  16. Alonzo is a wonderful name for a brave and honorable cat.
  17. For an old and distinguished cat, Gus—short for Asparagus—was just right.
  18. Electra is a delightful name for the high-energy cat in your life.
  19. Tantomile is perfect for your magical, psychic feline.

Big and Small Cat’s Funny Name

Big and Small CAT FUNNY NAME
Big and Small CAT FUNNY NAME
  1. Tiny McGiggles: Ideal for a humorous cat with a big personality.
  2. Gigantor If your cat is large or consistently asserts control, the moniker Gigantor is appropriate.
  3. Mini Meow: Dedicated to the cat that occupies more space than it actually does.
  4. Biggie Smalls is a humorous name that would suit an overweight cat as well as a small one, and it celebrates their adorableness.
  5. Whisker Hulk: Ideal for a large, strong, and tough-accented cat.
  6. Kitty Paws: This would be perfect for a tiny little cutie with dainty kitty paws.
  7. Chunky Monkey: This is a playful name for a cat who is in need of a diet, but don’t worry, they only love their treats.
  8. The Teeny Tot is an ideal choice for the youngest kitten in the litter. Teeny Tot
  9. Goliath is an ironic name for a small or large cat.
  10. This is for a fearless little feline—a pint-sized Puma.
  11. Shrimpy is perfect for sweet kitties who are always feeling low.
  12. Magnum Paws: For the big cat who struts their stuff.
  13. Itty Bitty is a charming name for a small kitten.
  14. Bearcat: a portmanteau for a big cat that looks like a bear.
  15. Mighty Mite: A wonderful name for a little kitty with a big bite.
  16. Cuddly Giant: a name for the large cat that also enjoys cuddling
  17. Tenderpaw is an adorable name for a small cat.
  18. Giant Kitty: Ideal for the most enormous cat with the sweetest demeanor.
  19. Petite Panter: A panther that is actually a small cat yet moves with the grace of the big one.
  20. Titanic is a small and delicate name for the most petite cat, or the perfect name for the largest cat in the manor.

Funny prefixes for your cat names

Funny prefixes for your cat names
Funny prefixes for your cat names
  1. Sir Meows-a-Lot: This silly prefix offers a dash of royalty and tons of silliness for a talkative kitty geezer.
  2. Professor Whiskers is best known for being the wise, thoughtful feline who is certain they know everything.
  3. Captain Paws: For the Brave Little Tom Cats who run the high sea of life.
  4. The house ruler, who demands spoiling, goes by the posh moniker Lady Fluffington.
  5. Lord Furbottom: For the gentleman cat with a classy demeanor.
  6. Master Purrington: for the whimsical pussycat that tantalized his way to the throne of the household.
  7. Conclusion: Doctor Fuzz Doctor Fuzz is a hilarious moniker for the cuddly cat who always makes you feel better.
  8. Colonel Snuggles: Perfect for the cat who prefers you to focus on them rather than your phone.

Amusing suffixes cat names

Amusing suffixes cat names
Amusing suffixes cat names
  1. Purrs-a-Lot: Ideal for the happy purring cat.
  2. Whiskerpaws = a little whimsy for a cat with whiskers and paws that really pop.
  3. Meowington: This has a regal feel, making it ideal for a cat who is also an aristocrat.
  4. Furball is a cute postfix that represents the fluffy ball of a cat.
  5. Spuddles are ideal for the cuddler who wants to be near you, Kitty.
  6. Clawdsdale refers to a cat that is as large and powerful as a Clydesdale horse.
  7. Furrykins is a tender, compassionate suffix that is perfect for the adorable furry child in your life.
  8. Mousebane: Ideal for the killer cat.

Fruit- and veggie-inspired cat names

Fruit and veggie inspired cat names.
Fruit and veggie inspired cat names.
  1. Peaches is a sweet and girly name for a beloved cat.
  2. Pumpkin is the ideal option for a large, cuddly orange cat.
  3. Olive is an excellent name for a slender, elegant cat.
  4. Kiwi is a small, feisty, oddball cat.
  5. Mango would be perfect for the tropical, vivacious, sun-loving kitty.
  6. Cherry is a charming and playful name for a cat who has a bright face and a friendly nature.
  7. Cucumber If you have a chill cat, why not name it cucumber.
  8. Carrot: Ideal for the orange, lanky, and playful cat.
  9. Apple: For those moments when they are the perfect little lovebug for you.
  10. Berry: For a tiny, precious kitty cat with a fantastic attitude.
  11. Tomato is a strange name for a zestful red or orange-colored cat.
  12. Spinach is a fantastic option for a healthy and energetic kitty.
  13. Pepper is the perfect name for a cat with a fiery personality.
  14. BLUEBONNET: Lemon is suitable for a lemony, sour cat.
  15. Ginger is the perfect name for an orange cat with a stubborn attitude.
  16. Zucchini means perfect for a green-eyed cat with an eccentric, spirited nature.
  17. Radish is a bold and sassy session cat.
  18. Strawberry is a sweet and lovely name for a tiny little cat.
  19. Clementine is super cute, energetic, and perfect for a bright or cheery orange cat.
  20. Parsley is the best for a cat with a zest for life.

Junk Food-Inspired Names for Cats

Junk Food Inspired Names for Cats
Junk Food Inspired Names for Cats
  1. Dorito has a bold, colorful, and cheesy personality.
  2. The name Twix is perfect for an adorably sweet and cuddly kitten who loves to be around.
  3. Cheeto is perfect for a playful orange kitty.
  4. Popcorn: Your bouncy cat, who comes and goes, is perfect for popcorn.
  5. Cookie is the ultimate treat for a cat.
  6. Nacho: Ideal for your pet’s fiery and sprightly demeanor.
  7. I have a little black-and-white cat who is as sweet as Oreo.
  8. Pretzel: for the bendy and graceful kitteh who loves to wrap herself in circles when she sleeps.
  9. Frito is perfect for a small, crunchy cat.
  10. Skittles is a bright and cheerful name for a cat with a personality of many colors.
  11. This snack is suitable for a crazy and quirky cat.
  12. Jellybean is your cute, fun, and always happy kitty.
  13. Marshmallow is just right for a fluffy white cat with a kind, docile demeanor.
  14. The name KitKat refers to a kitty who enjoys taking a “break” and napping.
  15. A Cheesy Puff: Perfect for a cheesy cat with a fluffy personality.
  16. For dark-colored cats, Brownie This name sounds rich and sweet, like a slice of cake.
  17. Gummy Bear: If your cat is snuggly, sweet, and truly darling, this is the perfect choice.
  18. French Fry: a long and lanky cat, so adorable.
  19. Pudding: Ideal for a gentle, loving cat that warms your heart.
  20. Bubblegum: This playful cat name is perfect if you’re looking for a fun, bouncing ball of life.

Funny fish-themed cat names

Funny fish-themed cat names
Funny fish-themed cat names
  1. Sardine is a small, sleek cat who likes to wedge himself into small spaces.
  2. Goldie: A glistening name for a shiny new golden or orange cat.
  3. Guppy: This is perfect for a small and playful kitten with spunk.
  4. Tuna is the humorously offbeat name for a cat who just can’t get enough of those fish-flavored treats.
  5. Mackerel: for cats with stripes that resemble the fish of the same name.
  6. Finny: A cat with a tail that resembles a small fin that swims around the house.
  7. The name Betta The fish is used primarily as a male name, but it is also a beautiful name for an adult cat of any gender, Betta, and is very colorful and vibrant.
  8. Clownfish: An excellent choice for a goofy and engaging cat who is always the life of the party.
  9. If your kitty is an explorer and jumps around, then the appropriate name would be Marlin.
  10. Minnow is just right-sized for a small, impulsive cat that likes to dart around the room.
  11. Haddock is a very funny and original name for a cat that is powerful and solid.
  12. Puffer: This is ideal for the cat who puffs up their fur when they’re surprised or scared.
  13. Flounder: This is ideal for a kooky, loveable, flat-looking, huggable kitteh.
  14. Bluefish is ideal for a cat with striking blue eyes or an air of coolness.
  15. Snapper is designed for cats who are quick and enjoy “snapping” their toys away.
  16. Trout: Perfect for the little sleepy cat who is like the fish of the day.
  17. This name for adventurous and curious cats, such as Nemo, is quite amusing.
  18. Whiskers: for the cat with long, world-conquering whiskers, or fishy whiskers, like a catfish.
  19. Catfish: A delightful name for the kitty who loves water or has some unique characteristics.

How to Choose a Funny Cat Name

Picking a great, critically funny, relatable name for your cat can actually be fun. To make this possible, here are some name suggestions that complement your cat’s unique personality and bring a smile to your face:

  • Observe Your Cat’s Behavior: Take some time to observe your cat’s behavior to identify any habits. Is your cat a real imp, or are they especially lazy. Naming them based on their behavior can be quite funny, too.
  • Consider their appearance: Look at the physical aspects of your cat. Are they very fluffy, have different markings, or look like another animal or object. Funny cat names: If you’re fond of quirky and unique cat titles, I’ve compiled a list of other amusing cat names for your consideration.
  • Think About Your Interests: Include your favorite hobbies or interests in your cat’s name. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, names based on your favorite snacks or dishes could be a solid option. When it comes to movie fans, a hilarious character may suit them best.
  • Play with Puns: Play on words: Punny names are a fun tongue-in-cheek option. Make use of words or names that have a slight hint of humor.
  • Test the name out loud. Try speaking it a few times. Test it out. This will be the name you call every day, so it should be a word that makes you cheerful and a word that rolls off of your tongue easily.
  • Get Family Input: If you share your home with others, they, too, have the right to name your cat. While it can take a community to come up with the most amusing title, the player’s enjoyment of games often leaves the biggest impact.
  • Avoid confusion by not confusing your cat, because the command you use is the same as one of the dozens of common commands your cat hears. Using the name sit or stay might provide you with some hilarious situations, but it could also be very confusing in the long run.

Using these tips, you can select a name for your cat that is both appropriate and humorous, reflecting their overall personality and character. This will ensure that both your feline friends and human companions, assuming they are listening, will chuckle every time you utter the name.

Introducing a New Name to Your Cat: A Guide

After you have landed your ideal humorous name, the next step is to train the cat to acknowledge and answer it. Let me give you some practical tips to make the transition smooth:

Consistency is key.

Keep using the new name for your cat. Cats are probably one of the easiest authors to apply their name to; they seem to rattle animals a lot better when blocked, as though croupy; she usually just needs to wear it a few times over and over again. Likening to everything else will make you accustomed to them.

Positive Reinforcement

Reinforce your cat’s association with positive experiences. When they do come back to you (which they will), give them plenty of treats, cuddles, or play. This will act as a form of reinforcement, assisting them in forming a positive association with their name.

Be Patient

Keep in mind that your cat does need a bit of time to grow with their new name. Just be patient and continue to use it in a positive context. At some point, your cat will cotton on.

Conclusion: What are funny names for a cat?

When you choose a funny and suitable name for your cat, that will be a fun and memorable experience. Based on their behavior, appearance, and goals, you can name them perfectly. For extra humor, use puns and clever wordplay, and make sure the name makes you smile when you say it aloud. If you remember these words (advice), introducing a new name to your cat should be as smooth as possible. Please name your female friend. Have fun naming your future fur baby and creating some lasting, joyful memories.

FAQs: What are funny names for a cat?

What if a cat doesn’t respond to their new name?

Do not worry if your cat does not respond to its new name immediately. It can take a while for your cat to adapt to it. Keep using the name over and over, and associate it with beneficial things like treats and love. Patience is key.

Is it too late to name my cat?

Even if your cat already has a name, it is possible to change it. If you do this, remember to always be positive and do it very slowly. 8. Start by alternating between the new and old names until you can gradually phase out the old one.

How long can a cat take to learn a new name?

It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for a cat to learn their new name. But other cats will take days, or even weeks, to appreciate the taste. Well, consistency and a little bit of positive reinforcement should speed up that process.

Examples of funny cat names.

For instance, you may want to choose a humorous cat name, like Purrsephone, Cleocatra, Catniss Everdeen, Meowly Cyrus, or Kitty Purry. These names are clever riffs on puns or awesome connections between the referent and its new name.

Is there a cat-supporting family member I need to incorporate into the name?

This can actually be a fun and participatory effort to get your family involved. It makes sure that everyone is satisfied with the given name and is able to contribute unique and witty suggestions.

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